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Technology will continue to open exciting new avenues for educators, students and parents alike; Positive Action creates innovative products that offer new ways for students to explore SEL concepts in the classroom and beyond.

Forty-five years ago, Dr. Carol Allred was teaching English, psychology and speech at the local high school. It became apparent to her that there was a gap in the school’s curriculum. Drawing on her background in educational psychology, she started testing a new set of activities that were designed to address the students’ well-being. She saw the need for a unified theory that combined physical, social and emotional health. This theory would later become the foundation of the Positive Action program.

Three years later, Allred moved to a local elementary school and began working out of a small office. She began creating age-appropriate lessons that were based on the same theory. During the development, she discovered that these lessons had a logical grouping and began to develop the Unit Concepts that continue to be the framework used today. After five years of development, Allred founded the company that is now a leader in Social-Emotional Learning. In 1982, the company started production and distributed its first catalog.

As the success of the program grew, Allred knew this was appropriate for all school grade levels. She began development on middle school in 1987 and released three new products between 1989 and 1990. While satisfied with the efficacy of the elementary program and the release of the middle school program, she knew that the theory had implications for the families.

Allred began development on a set of materials for families that aligned with the school program. After five years of development, the Family Kit was released. Still not satisfied that the program was complete, Allred developed additional materials for school climate, counselors and community settings, which were released in the late 1990’s. With these important components complete, she came full circle and turned her attention to high school.

Allred knew that engaging high school students presented a challenge as the day-to-day lessons that worked in elementary and middle school would be difficult to complete in a high school setting. After seven years of intensive development, Positive Action released four new kits for high school. She then returned to the product that had been in the works for more than a decade but required extensive piloting – preK. Finally, in 2012, Positive Action completed the kit, making Positive Action a comprehensive preK-12 program.