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Dr. Debbie Silver

Tuesday Keynote Speaker

Dr. Debbie Silver is a former Louisiana Teacher of the Year, a best-selling author, and a highly acclaimed national and international speaker. This popular speaker has presented in 49 states, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East.

Silver’s best-selling books include Drumming to the Beat of Different Marchers, Fall Down 7 Times – Get Up 8, Deliberate Optimism: Reclaiming the Joy in Education, and her recently released Teaching Kids to Thrive: Essential Skills for Success. She is a multiple award-winning educator who has taught almost every grade level and every kind of student along the way.

Silver’s high-energy sessions address both the art and heart of teaching. Her extensive research background gives her keen insights into educational theory and practice, while her trademark humor and candor help her connect with all those involved in education. Audiences delight in hearing this 30-year veteran teacher whose presentations are described as “where learning collides with laughter.”


Dr. Maurice J. Elias

Wednesday Keynote Speaker

Professor Maurice J. Elias is director of the Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab at Rutgers University, where he has been for nearly four decades. He is also co-director of the Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools. The Academy provides online certificate programs for individuals seeking to build their expertise in social-emotional and character instruction, as well as school leadership regarding social-emotional and character development and positive culture and climate.

Over the years, Elias has written many articles, books, guides and much more. Some of his latest writings include Boost Emotional Intelligence in Students: 30 Flexible, Research-Based Activities to Build EQ Skills; The Other Side of the Report Card: Assessing Students’ Social, Emotional, and Character Development; Schools of Social-Emotional Competence and Character: Actions for School Leaders, Teachers, and School Support Professionals; and The Joys and Oys of Parenting: Insight and Wisdom from the Jewish Tradition. Elias has received lifetime achievement recognition from the Society for Community Research and Action, CASEL and Character.org.

Elias is a sought-after speaker nationally and internationally and is known for blending humor, inspiration, insight and practicality into his presentations. In his keynote address, he will discuss how schools must reorganize to use social-emotional and character competencies as the basis for addressing pervasive issues of cultural and other diversity, equity, trauma (including those linked with poverty), and academic development. Based on four decades of work in schools, Elias will show how our expectations of ourselves and our students must rise to meet the increasingly complex demands of citizenship in a democracy and within global economics.

Twitter: @SELinSchools